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Cecilia Brown

Director, Strategic Consulting

Cecilia is a talented researcher, strategist, and documentary storyteller with nearly a decade of experience in strategic research consulting. Since joining Galileo in 2016, she has focused on healthcare research across a range of conditions with particularly deep experience in oncology, neurological conditions, and female health. With a BA in Psychology and M.S. in multimedia journalism, Cecilia is adept at diving deep in her interviews to unearth the emotional underpinnings of lived experiences. 


In addition to research and consulting, Cecilia is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and audio storyteller. She freelances for a range of nonprofit and philanthropic clients, as well as producing her own work, where she focuses on telling the intimate stories that lie beneath larger issues such as race, immigration and healthcare. When Cecilia isn’t conducting research or telling stories, you can probably find her on a bike, a climbing wall, or in a tent.