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Hina Hussain

Director, Strategic Consulting 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Hina’s diverse background spans three continents, taking her from London to Singapore to NYC at some of the leading research companies in the industry, including Flamingo and Hall & Partners. Her vast global experience spans a variety of sectors including multicultural, health and wellness, beauty, tech, and finance.

Hina’s route to research was an unconventional one.  A fascination and natural curiosity to understand why people do what they do, combined with analytical skills honed while completing a law degree, culminated in a career in research and strategy. Her passion lies in uncovering deep rooted truths by connecting with people on a human level and then decoding how they intersect within wider paradigms of culture.  

Prior to her research life, Hina diversified her professional experience in her native London, as a media account manager at The Guardian news group, and as a business advisor for a non-profit helping local businesses harness opportunities generated by the London Olympics. 

When she’s not conducting research, you can find Hina on long runs around NYC, brushing up her language skills, or planning her next trip!