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Jessica Leshman

Associate Research Director

Jessica studied Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan, where she explored the integration of neuroscience, cognitive science, and evolutionary approaches to the study of behavior – with the personal goal of decoding and overcoming her own personal difficulties with decision-making (no matter how trivial!).


Jessica was excited to bring this unique and integrative lens to Galileo when she joined the team in 2020. Prior to Galileo, Jessica gained experience as a qualitative researcher at Hall & Partners, where she delivered key insights and informed business decisions for top pharmaceutical companies including Lilly, GSK, and AbbVie. Her recent work informed the development of patient support programs, disease education campaigns, and care management tools. Jessica’s experience includes a variety of innovative methodologies and spans a range of therapeutic areas with particularly deep experience in immunology and oncology.


Outside of work, Jessica enjoys a good Netflix binge, but can also be found diving into a new book, or spending time with friends.