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Our Team

We are an eclectic bunch, with experience in psychology, neuroscience, research, anthropology, sociology, criminology, marketing and advertising. We are united by our desire to find meaning in human stories.

Founding Story

Cathy and Sarah, both Brits, met at J. Walter Thompson, NY in 2000.  Cathy hailed from a global background in advertising and marketing in London, Paris, and Tokyo before she arrived in NYC.  Sarah’s background was in academic psychology in the UK and US (Cambridge, Harvard and Yale Universities) and in criminology conducting research for Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Their goal in founding Galileo was to bring together their very different areas of experience – fusing leading-edge principles from academic and therapeutic psychology with marketing expertise – in order to redefine the value of qualitative market research for their clients.

Our Team

We are fascinated by the complexities of human nature, and appreciate how our psychological techniques create empathetic spaces where confidence can be shared. We love that we never know where a conversation may lead us, or what emotions it may elicit. We are all explorers, so our work at Galileo is a passion, not a job!