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New Lines of Sight

A quant study fielded in partnership with Wunderman Thompson – findings include patients’ lack of knowledge about COVID-19’s impact on their existing conditions; the impact of lock-down on their ability to manage their conditions effectively, and major issues of non-compliance with existing treatments.

If you’re interested in watching our presentation of the findings, please contact colleen@galileoresearch.com

A research exploratory into the psychological and behavioral impacts of the first 100 days of the Trump presidency.

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Galileo distills the many BE heuristics into 6 key principles and applies these to market research; Galileo also offers “Applying BE” workshops to client teams.

Findings from a proprietary study recently conducted in partnership with J. Walter Thompson demonstrate the need for a patient-centric approach, by showing that individuals living with multiple health conditions have vastly different attitudes and behaviors compared with those living with just one condition. This is a difference that has major implications for the healthcare industry, and that has hitherto been a “blind spot” in consumer marketing.