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Tracey Paverud

Senior Director, Strategic Consulting

Tracey began her research career in the UK in 2006 after a short stint in Public Relations, which provided her first glimpse into the world of marketing. Over the years, she has fine-tuned her expertise as a strategist and storyteller at a number of top agencies in the UK and the US including Firefish, Flamingo and Hall and Partners. She has a passion for design and shaping powerful visual narratives for clients. Tracey’s experience spans a multitude of categories including tech, beauty, healthcare, media and CPG, both domestically and globally.

Her unique approach to research combines a deep curiosity about human nature with a fascination for culture, trends and psychology. She is a seasoned moderator with experience in a wealth of techniques and methodologies including triads, co-creation workshops, discussion groups, ethnographies and more.

She studied English literature with an emphasis on cultural theory and a minor in Psychology at both University California Berkeley and University of Exeter, UK. Outside of work, Tracey enjoys being in nature whether this be camping, cycling or hiking in the snow. She is also a devoted popcorn connoisseur and considers herself a bit of an interior stylist at heart!