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What We Do

We provide strategic consulting and qualitative and quantitative research services that lead to unexpected and highly actionable marketing recommendations.

Our Offering

Our offering includes projects that inform the entire lifecycle of our clients’ business needs – from explorations of new territories, through strategic development and sharpening of ideas, to optimization of brand communications.


  • Target Exploratory
  • Category & Brand Exploratory
  • Consumer Journey
  • Product Ideation & Innovation

Strategic Development

  • Brand Positioning
  • Message Evaluation & Development
  • Strategic Consulting

Brand Communications

  • Communications Evaluation & Optimization
  • Media Landscape Evaluation
  • Design Optimization

Additional Services

  • Market Analysis
  • Quantitative Research

Healthcare Spotlight

Healthcare is the largest part of our practice, and we have extensive experience in more than 50 disease states, across many types of stakeholders, from patients and caregivers to HCPs and pharmacists. We find that our therapeutic, psychology-based approach is particularly valuable for the nuanced and emotionally charged conversations required within the complex world of healthcare.

Our Healthcare studies include:

  • Patient Journey, Portrait, & Experience
  • Strategic Positioning
  • TPP Evaluation
  • Tactical Elements Evaluation & Optimization
  • Patient Instructions for Usage
  • HCP/Patient Dynamic
  • Healthcare Provider Studies
  • Device Evaluation
  • Message Evaluation & Development
  • Creative Concept Evaluation & Optimization

Other Areas of Focus

Galileo focuses on what we call “High Consideration” categories – categories in which a lot is at stake emotionally or financially, requiring complex decisions to be made, and sometimes even true behavior-change to occur. Other categories of focus beyond healthcare include luxury goods, technology, financial services, automotive, life and career planning, parenting, philanthropy, travel and leisure, environmental responsibility and more. We’ve also developed specific tools for the three categories below.

Luxury Brands

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